Your Headshot Guide

Actor headshots Mario Schwartz Photography

Actor headshots Mario Schwartz Photography

Why do I need Professional Headshots?

Casting directors and agents will agree on one thing, your headshot needs to be able to stand out over others.

It may not be about your looks in general but the feeling that you transmit from them.

The likelihood is that if directors and agents find your actor headshot engaging, then you will have more chances of being called to their offices for an interview or for an audition.

That is why is so important that you select the right Photographer!

Selecting your Photographer

The best way to find a good headshot photographer is by referral or seeing the photographer’s work for yourself.

If you have friends in the industry or an agent that you trust, ask them whom they would recommend for your actor headshots.

Most photographers display their portfolio directly on their website and you can determine if their style of photography suits your needs.

It is important not to assume that the headshot photographer that charges the most money will give you the best results.Their work may not justify their pricing.

The best indicator to determine the success of a headshot photographer is by reading what other actors and actresses have said about their personal experiences.

Have a look at websites like Equity, Spotlight, Casting Call Pro or the newest Stage Satus. Some of them have Photographer, Member Directories and useful Forums.

Look at the testimonials left by actors.Interact with other actors in forums and ask for advice.


Actor Headshots Mario Schwartz photography

Actor Headshots Mario Schwartz photography

I have found a photographer that I like….what sort of things should I ask?

One of the most important things, is to check exactly what is included in their offer and to look for any hidden costs.

How long will the session last?

Our sessions typically last between 1 and 3.5 hours.

How many images do I receive and in what format High resolution, web resolution or both?

We supply both web and High resolution, ready for you to print and publish on the web.

Do you offer Black and white only, colour or both?

We offer colour and Black and white, it’s your choice.

How many edited images will I receive?

It depends on the package that you have purchased.See all our packages here.

Can I print copies of the final images or only through you?

Unlike other Photographers, we provide you with the High resolution images, so you are free to print them anywhere you like as long as it is for self promotion purposes and we are credited.

Some Photographers charge you every time you wish to print their image and they never release the high resolution image to you. Beware!

What about web resolution images?

You are free to use them again for self promotion i.e. Spotlight, Casting Call Pro, Facebook, personal website but all we ask is that you credit us wherever is possible.

Actor Headshots Mario Schwartz photography

Actor Headshots Mario Schwartz photography

What about retouching?

We offer professional retouching of any blemishes/spots, but bear in mind that it is very important that you look natural!

How long before I receive my edited images?

Within 24 hours of your session, we will send you and your agent a web link to your own private gallery in order for you to view your proofs and make your headshot selection.Once you have selected the images that you would like me to work on, these will be delivered within 7 days onto your online gallery where they can be downloaded for up to one month.

How many changes of clothes/looks can I have?

You can have as many as you like.

Do you offer a make up and hair stylist?

We work with many professional make-up and hair stylists.

Professional make up is only included in our Elite package.

Some of the Professional Make up artists we work with:

 Kylie McMichaelJustyna Ilczuk, Yelena Konnova, Laura Naish

Do you offer different lighting styles and backgrounds?

Yes we believe that different lighting setups/backgrounds suit different faces, hence we use different ones throughout your session.

Do you offer studio and outdoors shots?

We offer both studio and outdoor shots with our Professional headshot package. (Weather permitting)


and Finally…


Do’s and Don’ts on the day of your session.


Make sure you get a good night sleep.

Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated.

Bring a choice of 2-3 different tops, something that you feel comfortable with and nothing too distracting.

Bring you favourite music.

Give yourself plenty of time to arrive to your session on time.



Go clubbing or socialising till the early hours the night before.

Bring your whole entourage to your headshot session.

Wear excessive make-up.Less is more.

Plan a new haircut the day before, give yourself a week to get used to it.

Worry about that massive spot that decided to appear the night before.I can deal with it later in Photoshop.


I hope you found this guide useful and look forward to working with you.

For more information, samples of my work and for the latest discounts and offers, please visit or our Facebook page


See you at the studio!


Mario Schwartz.