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Below are some of the companies that we recommend, work with or provide services to.

Actors Apparel are an award winning Showreel Company who have helped countless actors gain that vital leading edge in a highly competitive industry. Whether you’re looking to get signed by a top acting agent or get fast tracked through auditions, they can write, shoot and edit a professional showreel that will help you get noticed. Mario Schwartz Photography strongly recommends Actors Apparel if you are looking for Professional, High quality and successful showreels. Visit Actors Apparel
Visualeyes has established a reputation for reproducing quality photographs of actors and performers who require publicity and headshot prints for auditions and promotional purposes. Mario Schwartz Photography strongly recommends to use Visualeyes to reproduce your headshots.
For Actors, Agents & Casting Professionals Casting Call Pro lists acting jobs and auditions for professional actors, with 35,000+ actors, 3,000+ Agents and 2,000+ casting companies. Whether you work in theatre, radio, television, film or corporates, Casting Call Pro is here to help.
Spotlight was founded in 1927 and has since become world-famous for its casting directories. Today over 40,000 performers appear in Spotlight, including actors and actresses, child artists, presenters, dancers and stunt artists. Spotlight also provides the entertainment industry with powerful communication tools which are central to the casting process. As the industry's leading casting resource, Spotlight is used by most TV, Film, Radio and Theatrical companies throughout the UK, and many worldwide. Their clients range from large organisations such as the BBC, Sky and Channel 4 through to small production companies and individual casting directors. If you are a performer, casting professional or agent, click on the relevant link to the left to find out more about what Spotlight can do for you!
Equity is the UK trade union for professional performers and creative practitioners. As a leading industry organisation, Equity is known and respected nationally and internationally for the work we do with, and on behalf of, our members working across all areas of the entertainment industry. Equity members form a cultural community that is of major importance to the UK in artistic, social and economic terms and Equity works to support them by negotiating their terms and conditions including fee structures with all kinds of employers and employer’s groups. Our 5,000 Student Members are also able to access information and advice to help prepare them for work in the industry.
The Actors’ Guild of Great Britain the actor at the very centre TAG is the largest membership organisation offering on-going professional development for actors in the UK and the only one that offers an ever evolving collection of workshops & services that is genuinely actor led. From the artistic vision and team of staff, right the way through to the programme of workshops, created by you, the members.
Auditions and casting calls are posted daily on www.tobeseen.co.uk seeking actors, extras, presenters, voice-over artists, comedians, singers/musicians, dancers, models and reality TV contributors. Jobs posted include student productions, low budget short films, fully paid feature films, TV drama productions, corporate videos, online series, theatre productions, reality TV series and more. Talent can create an online profile showcasing their photos and showreel and apply directly for jobs on To Be Seen https://www.facebook.com/ToBeSeenUK